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The technologies have kept evolving since ancient times, and India’s scientific provess too is evident since the ages of Vedas. The invention of electricity, steam engine, wireless communication, atomic science, binary computation, quantum computation etc. have paved the way for novel metallurgy and energy systems. The world of Nano materials with wide range of applicability is fast racing to the 6th generation of technologies. Ultra light weight (Low density), Ultra high melting points, Ultra high tensile strength, High Electron density, High power density, Ultra high frequency range, advanced photonics, complemented by the Artificial intelligence is the order of the day. We have deliberated on advanced reinforced metallurgy, metalloids & ceramics, using the new class of Nano materials like Graphene, Borophene and other super materials. We have been exploring novel routes for commercially scalable levels, and have succeeded in fetching astonishing results in wide range of applications, from metallurgy and the energy systems to the Effluent treatment solutions.

Similarly, the sintering technologies to are fast evolving, paving the way for highly energy efficient technologies like Spark Plasma Sintering, Hot Isostatic Press, Chemical Vapor Deposition, Pulsed Laser Deposition, High Pressure High Temperature furnaces etc. under the ultra vacuum & inert conditions, high temperatures even upto 3000c etc. This has opened up new frontiers in Aerospace, Defense, Automobiles, Maritime as well as Industrial Applications. The renewable energies like Solar Power, Wind Energy, Hydrogen Fuel Cell etc. too have their unique contribution to the modern development. The Technology of Particle Acceleration, Photons and its stimulated acceleration to produce Lasers, Microwave and its stimulated acceleration to produce Masers with high powered energy Electro Magnetic Pulses has revolutionized the 21st century. We have embarked upon an endeavor to fast track into the 6th generation of Quantum Technologies, and develop highly result oriented products & solutions, duly complemented by the Artificial intelligence.

Quantum Mechanics is the science of evaluation of atomic & subatomic structures of elementary particles in relation to the four forces of nature ( Electromagnetic Force, Gravitational Force, Strong Force (bonding) and the Weak Force (decay) and the Five states of a matter (Liquid, Solid, Gas, Plasma & the Condensate). It involves the behavioral study of atomic & subatomic particles & its molecules in various environment, temperature, time & space relativity. It involves the Quantum Physics, Quantum Chemistry & the Quantum Biology.


Graphene is a single layer hexagonal lattice isotope of Carbon. It may contain Carbon 12 (12C) and / or Carbon 13 (13C). While Carbon 12 has 6 Electrons, 6 Protons and 6 Neutrons, Carbon 13 has 6 Electrons, 6 Protons, and 7 Neutrons and yet is stable. Graphene is the world’s lightest and world’s strongest material. The Pristine Graphene weighs 160g/M3 with a Tensile Strength of 130 GPa. It can also store ultra-high capacitance electrical energy of up to 830 Farad / g. Besides, we have explored its various other properties too that has helped us develop Reinforced Super Alloys and Advanced Ceramics for applications in Aerospace, Defence, Maritime, Automobile, and Industrial domains.

Graphene has played vital role as a Transductional Material for Deep Depth underwater Quantum Matrix Projects too. Graphene has also been instrumental in treating highly hazardous materials by neutralizing its acidity levels (augments pH). Graphene coating is also used to make an object stealth to Radio wave Radars. It can also reduce Infra-Red and Sonar Signatures.  Graphene reinforced filler materials make a Super Abrasive too for machining of ultra hard Super Alloy & Super Ceramic Components. Graphene has also been successful in absorbing the Radioactivity, as well as in separating Hydrogen (H2) from the Heavy Water containing Deuterium (D2).

High Powered Microwave

A gyrotron consists of an electron gun, a cavity resonator, a mode converter, an output window and a collector, and requires a solenoid magnet to give a gyrating motion to the electron beam.

Electrons emitted from a cathode under the action of the electric field, move in a gradually increasing magnetic field towards the cavity. In this motion, part of energy of the electron motion along the lines of magnetic field is transformed into energy of gyration.

Electrons that have a cyclotron frequency slightly below the resonant frequency of the microwave excited in the cavity are bunched and decelerated by its transverse electric field. As a result, the microwave is given the gyration energy by the bunched electrons and induces oscillation. The microwave generated within the cavity mode is converted to a wave beam by the mode converter, shaped by some mirrors, and output through the output window.


Silicon Carbide

Boron Nitride

Poly Crystallined Diamond